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S12 Residency works

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2 DSC_13212 DSC_1321

S12 Horizon (prototype) a

3 DSC_13123 DSC_1312
4 DSC_13134 DSC_1313

S12 Horizon (prototype) b

5 DSC_13285 DSC_1328
6 DSC_13256 DSC_1325

S12 Horizon Distortion Day Sky


S12 Horizon Distortion Dusk

10 DSC_137310 DSC_1373
11 DSC_137611 DSC_1376

S12 Distortion(s) 2&3 -

7 DSC_13337 DSC_1333
8 DSC_13378 DSC_1337

S12 Prism Cube

12 dsc_082012 dsc_0820
13 IMG_600213 IMG_6002
14 IMG_606114 IMG_6061
15 IMG_607315 IMG_6073

S 12 horizon prototype:

In January of 23 I participated in a residency at S12 in Bergen Norway for 6 weeks.  In an evolving look at the sunset/sunrise or horizon I continued this pursuit from a previous residency there in 2017.  I made quite a bit of sheet glass that became the fused bottoms for some pieces, murrini or just fused objects.  Visually bubbles and a hint of distortion is often portrayed in these works.  From the hot shop bench at S12 I look out from a garage door where the weather can go from sunny to rain to sleet to snow to hail and back again, this visual disturbance into the clarity of glass is what institutes the idea of distortion in some of these works.