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Horizon Plinth(s) and Trophies



1 DSC_09921 DSC_0992
2 DSC_10012 DSC_1001

Horizon Plinth - sunny eve

3 DSC_10513 DSC_1051
4 DSC_10544 DSC_1054

Sun(set/rise) Trophy: Rising or setting w/ fog

5 DSC_14625 DSC_1462
6 DSC_14646 DSC_1464

Horizon Plinth - pink sun aqua sea

7 DSC_14657 DSC_1465
8 DSC_14748 DSC_1474

Horizon Plinth sun meet sky and after set




Horizon Plinth(s):

A sunset is a sunrise from the opposite and equal direction.  Growing up in Florida I became accustomed to great sunrises and sunsets.  In fact in Key West one can simply turn around from the same spot to see either a Sunrise on the Atlantic/Caribbean side or a Sunset on the Gulf side – depending upon the time of day.  Over the years I have worked at finding shapes, colors, thicknesses and aesthetics that purse my engagement with the horizon, specifically around the times of sunset or sunrise.  The Horizon Plinths are a way of looking at a moment and attempting to manifest it into a vessel that represents the sea/land, that infrathin (in)between as well as the sky and its hues above.  The Sun(set/rise) Trophies: good job sun and thanks for participating… are another step in acknowledging a moment of beauty and attempting to materialize it.  In our day to day we don’t always get the time to see a sunrise/sunset even though it is always taking place somewhere.


Blow throughs and stuff cups of multiple colors along with solid glass are used to achieve these pieces.  A blow through is when a color’s hue/saturation/density is faded from what is the color to almost clear or a lighter density.  By doing one cup that is made off the blow pipe and then stuffing it with another blow through one is able to fade one color into another.  The plinths or bases of the piece are all color cups stuffed with solid glass.  The solid portion is made 1st and then later joined to the blown piece before the whole work is punted and finished.