Artist Statement

We live in the Glass Age.

Light flows as a transparent spectacle, filtering ideas through a lens, a screen - the infrathin.  Glass is an inter-grated interface.  It’s as if energy and a dance fused and became a material. Thoughts are often not clear - opaque some times transparent or translucent -the work can mirror the everyday.

suspended animation: Motion set in a state of stasis.

How does one enjoy an object?  To look at or to hold, walking around it or investigating it in hand; a shift in scale does not mean a demise in concept or content.  The transitive nature of material from industrial to artistic to utilitarian and the (in)between.

Object as question action as statement.


communicative endeavor: Glass and its making is a language unto itself.

I am a catalyst, an ambassador, a translator of glass - I am a glassmaker and educator.  I think through this material just as one sees through a window.  It often begins with a bubble - I always fantasize about ‘the next one’.  Making is no longer a figment of imagination but instead a day to day necessity for survival .  There is a will, a yearning to discover and make new things - new in the sense of authentic not necessarily original.

This practice is to be measured in a lifetime.  A lifetime that exist in this, the Glass Age.