Artist Statement

Pushing the envelope; making your own batch

I see through glasses, I drink from a glass, I write while starring at a screen, artificial in nature, light is real and so is making.

Glass is a communicative endeavor, at times a struggle.   It is not something you master in one year or five or ten.  It is about being an ambassador and a translator for a material. The process of conveying and informing others through the making of glass things is at the forefront of a practice.  Action as statement, object as question.  What are these transferences?

Making is about transference, from my eyes, to my brain and then executed through my hands.  I am a glassmaker, therefore in conjunction with my eyes, brain and hands, I address those who work for me and collaborate with me. I work to retain the materials’ integrity; it is not about what I can make, but what I can expose and share.

The material forces one to constantly wait, enabling patience to be developed and permeate.  I am not consumed with immediate success, but instead a long-term practice and relationship with this material.  The position is esoteric; to explore and devote one’s time to a process that is measured in the scale of a lifetime.

Teetering between design and art my practice can be seen as a “paraconceptual notion”. Information is gathered and dropped out, cast and slumped.  The way of making is just as important as the why?