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Artist Statement

We live in the Glass Age.

Light flows as a transparent spectacle, filtering ideas through a lens, a screen - the infrathin.  Glass is an inter-grated interface.  It’s as if energy and a dance fused and became a material. Thoughts are often not clear - opaque some times transparent or translucent -the work can mirror the everyday.

suspended animation: Motion set in a state of stasis.

How does one enjoy an object?  To look at or to hold, walking around it or investigating it in hand; a shift in scale does not mean a demise in concept or content.  The transitive nature of material from industrial to artistic to utilitarian and the (in)between.

Object as question action as statement.


communicative endeavor: Glass and its making is a language unto itself.

I am a catalyst, an ambassador, a translator of glass - I am a glassmaker and educator.  I think through this material just as one sees through a window.  It often begins with a bubble - I always fantasize about ‘the next one’.  Making is no longer a figment of imagination but instead a day to day necessity for survival .  There is a will, a yearning to discover and make new things - new in the sense of authentic not necessarily original.

This practice is to be measured in a lifetime.  A lifetime that exist in this, the Glass Age.

Flanked by a Material

Flanked by a material:

There is light.  It exudes from the lamp; shadows and reflections are cast upon the wall.  My eyes follow a blinking line, a cursor.  We have to name everything.  In making all things definitive what is left to define?

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Notes and Words:
(un)utilitarian glass

The fate of the utilitarian:

The objects we hold by hand used to be made by hand. Now the hand of the maker is replaced by the components of the machine. Go back to the last time you spent some good coin at a restaurant. All ingredients were prepared by hand not processed by a machine. A meal is meticulously placed together and arranged by a chef. However, the objects of containment are made from machines. The plate you eat off of to the glass you drink from fit into this mold.

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Who is John Galt?

Mans perceptions are not bounded by organs of perception, he perceives more than sense (tho’ ever so acute) can discover. (Blake 33)

How do others become interested in what I am interested in, how do I get my point across? My first intent is to make objects that I enjoy. It has come to the forefront of my practice that it is my childhood experiences and curiosities that facilitate my artistic endeavors. Those experiences and questions influence, but do not necessarily dictate, the way I think, research and make my work. However, the core, the essence of the ideas, can all be pinpointed to a time decades in the past.

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If not for this then would I have an idea of transparent
I see in the round the centeredness of things
If it falls If it survives this is the mode of learning I know
All destruction from my hand comes from the same place as creation
To pass through here
It is here that lays witness
It is here I submit my testament

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